Joe La Jeunesse for Santa Clara County Sheriff


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My family has been blessed to have lived and worked in Santa Clara County for over 70 years. Answering the call of my country, I joined the Army at 17, being the third generation in my family to serve in combat in the service of our nation. I rose to the rank of Major, serving with distinction and valor in theatres of action from Bosnia to Iraq to the California-Mexico border.

Now, I feel the need to answer the call of thousands of Santa Clara County residents who realize it is time for change in the Sheriff’s Office. It is time for progressive, proactive leadership that will modernize our county’s chief law enforcement agency and strengthen its ability to protect the public.

Drugs and gangs are ravaging many of our communities. With my military background and extensive experience around the world, I know the importance of using the latest technologies available to fight crime. I know that adapting to the ever-changing tactics and activities of the drug lords and other criminal cartels is essential. And, as a Latino-American, I have an appreciation and respect for the unique public safety needs of Santa Clara County’s ethnically-diverse communities.

The current administration has failed the people of Santa Clara County. Almost a quarter-century has passed since the incumbent took office. What do we have to show for it: our jails are in crisis, with multiple unexplained deaths, escapes, and even deputies convicted of murdering an inmate. Even a blue-ribbon commission recommended taking control of the jails away from the sitting Sheriff!

It’s time for real change, not simply cosmetic change. Replacing the current Sheriff with her own second-in-command who shares in her failures will not solve the problems we face.

I am confident I can bring the change Santa Clara County law enforcement has been looking for. I would appreciate your support and your vote on June 5, 2018.


Joe La Jeunesse

Beyond a doubt, Joe La Jeunesse is the most qualified candidate for Sheriff. As a United States Army Officer, Joe has done it all. In all he does, Joe exemplifies the seven Army values of Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Service, Integrity, Honor and Courage. Joe will use those qualities to create a better Sheriff’s Office for Santa Clara County.
CSM Galu Satele ( ret. )


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