Sanctuary Cities

I am opposed to sanctuary state and city policies that release dangerous criminals into our communities. As Sheriff, I will fully cooperate with all federal law enforcement authorities trying to keep criminal illegal gangs like MS-13 off our streets.

Jail Reforms

Confidence needs to be restored to our county jails and the safety of both inmates and Department personnel must be ensured. This means doing a better job of addressing the unique treatment and care needs of those inmates who are mentally challenged and managing the increased burden that realignment is bringing to our jails. Many of our deputies are overworked and undertrained. We need to allocate the resources, funds, staffing and training required so that our facilities can adequately meet the demands they face today, including reducing recidivism through education and vocational job opportunities. That also means incorporating modern technologies that can compensate for, and provide relief to, existing staff.

Protecting Children

Our kids are our most vulnerable crime victims. As the tragic instances of school, church, and playground shootings spread, the Sheriff’s Department must be better prepared to protect our most innocent populations. This means partnering with local cities and school districts to provide our schools with safety equipment, technology, and personnel that can act proactively to deter threats from mass shooters.


With marijuana legalization in California, law enforcement faces new challenges and new dangers. It will be one of my top priorities to ensure that our schools and roads are kept safe from individuals abusing either licit or illicit drugs. I will work with school officials and local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies to keep the impact of legalization away from school-age children and drivers who have a right to travel our streets and highways free from the fear of a new wave of “intoxicated” individuals behind the wheel.

Second Amendment and CCW’s

As a candidate for Santa Clara County Sheriff and retired military officer, I fully recognize and appreciate the Second Amendment rights of all Americans. These rights have been upheld by the Supreme Court and the principle of self-defense is not only fundamental to our concept of liberty but also an integral part of our history and heritage. I support and will issue CCWs to law-abiding individuals who meet the standards and requirements. They should not be issued for political payback to campaign donors, but for the protection of an individual’s life and property.


The very real threat of another 9/11 should be of concern to everyone living in a large metropolitan county, especially in Silicon Valley where so much of our nation’s economy is dependent. As the only candidate for Sheriff with extensive experience combating terrorism ( including receiving the Global War on Terrorism Medal ), I will work from day one to upgrade the security of our most vulnerable local targets, improve coordination with the Department of Homeland Security and other federal and state agencies, expand the anti-terrorism training of our deputies, and utilize modern technologies and better intelligence-gathering methods.

Modern Technology

Too much of what the Sheriff’s Department is doing today was designed for an earlier era. In the heart of Silicon Valley, we need to vastly grow the use of modern crime-fighting technologies. Having served in law enforcement positions with the U.S. military abroad as well as at home, I understand the need to integrate different strategies and approaches that permit the more effective use of our resources and existing staff. Technology like patterns analysis can help us move resources to areas of excessive crime activity while other technologies can reduce response time and monitor suspicious activities through social media. A task force that specifically coordinates with large tech firms to give us a 21st-century blueprint to reduce crime in our communities is in order.