Press Release

Statement to the Press by Sheriff’s Candidate, Deputy Sheriff Joe La Jeunesse

What Did John Hirokawa Know and When Did He Know It??

April 4, 2018
Contact: Joe La Jeunesse

John Hirokawa is now calling for his former boss and close confidant, Sheriff Laurie Smith to resign over the burgeoning Bradygate scandal. Yet, he served in the Department alongside Smith for decades, 38 years in the Sheriff’s office in total and eight years as Smith’s understudy. This incident occurred in 1992 and broke publicly six years later. Is John saying he knew nothing about it? Nothing at all? Not a rumor, not a water cooler conversation? It defies belief that he knew nothing about his ex-boss trying to interfere in an investigation which is a crime. If he knew, why didn’t he do anything about it? Why didn’t he report it to someone? Why didn’t he look into it for himself? Instead, he acts today as the innocent know-nothing as if he’s only learning about it now and wants Smith to quit. We need to know what John Hirokawa knew and when did he know it!

It is long past time for a thorough house-cleaning in the Sheriff’s Office. Twenty years is enough! I will bring my 30 years of law enforcement experience at home and abroad to bring new ideas, a new vision, and a new perspective to the Office. We need a Sheriff who is not connected in any way to the disastrous and corrupt policies of the present administration. I offer a detailed six-point platform to address the most serious issues facing Santa Clara County residents. That platform is accessible on my campaign website at