What Santa Clara County voters need to know

  • Undersheriff John Hirokawa was in charge of the jails when inmate Michael Tyree was beaten to death by correctional officers.
  • Undersheriff John Hirokawa admits he “was part of that leadership” of Laurie Smith that has failed the residents of Santa Clara County.
  • Undersheriff John Hirokawa in a sworn deposition was dismissive of the racist texts and porn viewing of DSA union president Don Morrissey, calling it “bantering” and “off-duty” conduct.
  • Undersheriff John Hirokawa signed the orders abolishing pay jobs at the Sheriff’s Department.
  • Undersheriff John Hirokawa has a clear record of supporting and protecting command staff who have demeaned and maligned the rank and file while repeatedly changing the “story line” on his level of responsibility for controversial actions.
  • Undersheriff John Hirokawa has the endorsement of the DSA. Is this connected to the fact that he testified on Mr. Morrissey’s  behalf in the racist texts case? Or that the DSA vice president is the individual who asked Hirokawa to run for Sheriff in the first place? Does this sound like cronyism?
  • Undersheriff John Hirokawa is the anointed one of the DSA whose track record in recent Sheriff’s races is abysmal. They spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on their favored candidate in 2014 and still lost the election by twenty points.

Only Joe La Jeunesse will bring the change Santa Clara County law enforcement has been looking for

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